Mission & Service Fund

The Mission and Service Fund (M & S Fund) is a method of gift giving of financial gifts to offer support and love to those who need it in an international perspective.  Donations are made to charities, community initiatives, theological education, faith formation, community justice work, or conference leadership.  From our own backyard to anywhere around the world, we want to help.  Although Wexford Heights donates every year to the M&S fund, individuals can donate more and separately if they so want to.  Donations can be made specifically to the Mission and Service Fund through Wexford Heights envelopes that can be ordered through our office or found in our sanctuary pews.

For further and more detailed information about the types of charities and initiatives that Wexford Heights can offer a donation, please visit the United Church of Canada links below.

United Church of Canada:  Mission & Service Fund 


Mission and Service at a Glance